JC Designs Portfolio

I have been designing websites for the past 12 years, utilizing my knowledge of HTML to structure the websites and CSS to design them. Although I haven't yet familiarized myself with JavaScript, I hope to explore it in the future. Over the years, I have worked with various content management systems (CMS) to efficiently manage website content. Check out my portfolio below:

Soul's Harbor Church

Founded in 1975 by a vision of one man, named Bro. Dennis Reeves. Soul's Harbor shortly thereafter formed and started a DayCare and Christian School. Browse down and learn more about these integral ministries of Souls Harbor.

Vinemont Christian Academy

VCA was formed in 1975. This is a place where Character counts. We do not just have a school, but a Christian School. Hundreds if not thousands have come thru the doors of VCA. Many have gotten saved as a result of the beacon of light VCA shines forth.

VCA HomeSchool

VCA Homeschool was formed in 2006 with the leadership of Rev Kenneth Terry. (former administrator) VCA HomeSchool offers parents a way to educate their kids in the comfort of their own homes with a Bible-based curriculum founded on the word of God.

Souls Harbor DayCare

Souls Harbor DayCare provides families with a safe, fun, and Christian atmosphere for their families while they are at work. The lowest rates are in North Alabama.


JC Designs is the work of Dr Jeremy Cox. He has always longed to archive his work and goals online for others' benefit. More projects will be added in time. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

29:11 Ministries

29:11 Ministries is a ministry of help focusing on personal evangelism and witnessing to cults. Our mission is to equip and enable God’s own to better serve and proclaim. 29:11 ministries are not promoting another church program, but the individual’s responsibility before Christ to reach the lost.

Shadow Ridge CCT

Shadow Ridge CCT is a ministry of Dr. Aaron M. Dawson. Aaron is married and has 4 young men. He enjoys traveling around the U.S. teaching on National Jail operations and procedures. He also counsels others of various issues. Aaron is also the Pastor at Souls Harbor Church since 2022.