5 Non-Profit Websites & 1 personal Website

Site Created in 2021 - Personal Website

A work of Dr. Jeremy Cox. He has sumarized and chronicled his testimony and life's works. His achievements are shown not to brag, but to show that even a mentally ill person can be used by God.

This is a work of Dr. Jeremy David Cox.

Site created in 2018 - Equipping and Evangelism Website

29:11 Ministries is a ministry of helps focusing on personal evangelism and witnessing to cults. Our mission is to equip and enable God’s own to better serve and proclaim. We are not promoting another church program, but the individual’s responsibility before Christ to reach the lost.

29:11's current President/Founder is Dr. Aaron Dawson

Site created in 2022 - Landing page for all the ministries of Soul's Harbor  Ministries

Created in 2022 to be a umbrealla site for all the ministries of Soul's Harbor Ministries. It points the navigator to each of the webpages in the Soul' s Harbor Ministries umbrella of sites.

Souls Harbor Ministries President and Pastor is Dr Aaron Dawson.

Founded in 1975, Souls Harbor Daycare has been providing north Alabama Christian Child care for nearly 50 years. In that time thousands have received child care that is a bar above the average daycare. We care for kids, Period!

Souls Harbor Daycare current Supervisor is Mrs. Hannah Hamby.

Site created in 2008 - A ministry of Souls Harbor Church.


Founded in 1975, VCA has seen in the thousands over 48 years of Christian Education. VCA's mascot is the royal knights. This is the place where Character counts!

VCA's current Principal is Mrs. Kori Dawson

Founded in 2006, VCA Homeschool provides  parents of north Alabama with Christian Curriculum thru Accelerated Christian Education. ACEMinistries.com has been providing Christian education for nearly 50 years. Pre-K thru college level courses, ACE has proven it is successful at educating your kids! Give us a call @ 256-734-2882.

VCA HomeSchool's current Supervisor is Mrs. Kori Dawson